Shore Excursions


For Shore excursions we operate at Mindelo, the cultural city of the island of Sao Vicente (St Vicent), at Praia the traditional city of the island of Santiago and Porto Novo, trekking and mountains of the island of Santo Antao. The Operations can be extended to the others touristic islands, city of Sal Rey at island of Boa Vista, Palmeiras at Island of Sal, island of Fogo, the volcano of fogo, Porto Ingles at island of Maio, Furnas at the island of Brava.

The Shore excursions Operations includes:

  • Colonial highlights
  • History of Cape Verde
  • Cultural Highlights
  • Half day Tours
  • Full day Tours
  • A taste of the Island
  • Transfers and Shuttle Services
  • Flight and Hotel Booking
  • Vacation Husbandry
  • Full Day Care and Assistance
  • Beach Holidays
Shore Excursions Mindelo Praia Porto Novo

For detailed informations for Shore Excursions, Tours, Transfers and illustrations, please visit our special division, at Viking Tours and Shore Excursions