As ship agents we hold PORT AGENCY services for the majority of cruise companies calling, considering that we are really the unique ship agents on the islands that early defined attend cruise ships on full package basis a serious goal, as an important must for the increase of cruise calls at Cape Verde Islands ports. We started this project in 1995. Along the past 20 years we surely gave a significant contribution to make Cape Verde islands ports an interesting cruise destination for the cruise industry.

Statistics of the last years showed cruise calls as an interesting section of our business, in such away that finally our Government has included cruise calls in the listed goals for the development of our economy.
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principais portos do arquipelago de cabo verde
The quality of our service is based on a consistent shipping knowledge acquired at the Norsk Shipping Academy, 44 years of experience on operations and management at Ports of Cape Verde, excellent relationship with the Port Authorities, and a sound understanding of the shipping business and management principles, on its multiple branches.